Shadowrun 5e – The Lights are going out in Southwark – Session 5

Episode 109

Finally we come to the part of the Campaign where we all end up on Government Watch lists as the Players try and purchase the equipment (read stuff what goes Boom) to blow up the generator (WHICH IS FICTIONAL).

They finally start locking down the details of the plan, and it seems like they may actually have some good ideas!

Will they blow themselves up before they get to the mission, what will Leonid name the new drone if he gets the chance, will they actually be able to find the help they need.

Oh and finally, what’s the deal with Dorian Grey?

Please note our on going sound issues got worse for this one I am afraid, I’ve done my best to try and clear it but there is some upper end buzz.

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The Music is the Complex by Kevin Macleod

This Podcast is Explicit and contains a Minotaur (not MinaTAR) rigger, bad language, guns, haribo and their crackly crackly bags, Explosives, the Forth Bridge, Scrabbling for money, slightly racist Ork gangers, and likely us being put on various Watch Lists.

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