Shadowrun 5e – The Lights are going out in Southwark – Session 8

Episode 146

PLEASE SKIP to 11 minutes to miss out the Recap.

Finally back to the shadowrunning! The Shadowrunners almost have a plan, at least the beginnings of a plan, or the vague whisperings of a plan. It involves hijacking a catering truck, getting inside the generator compound, and then…

Well… doing something presumably.

There must be a plan somewhere in there.

There’s a bit of fumbling to remember what we were doing, a bit of struggling with rules, and a whole ton of infiltration and plotting!

(PS if you havent listened to the Fandibles Shadowrun stuff, you should! Here)

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The Music is The Complex by Kevin MacLeod.

This Podcast is Explicit and contains swearing, the beginnings of a species war, truly disgusting Norsefire types, Bioweapons (AKA Laxatives), on the fly hacking, Pervy Donahue, weaponised laxatives, Hyper-heroin, and the slow collapse of western society

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