New World of “Darkness” – Return of the Pod People – Session 1

Episode 147

Archive sits in the Scary Chair again and takes us back to Goatswood University. Psychedelic Steve and Valerie the Nerd are joined by… Wilberforce the campaigner as we draw him into the machinations of Professor Greeneacre and her Pod People.

Probably. Or it could just be that the drugs are making Steve Paranoid maybe?

Warning, the words “Pod People” is used something like a billion times in this episode.

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, the tastiest Rhubarb Tea EVER, Drugs lots of Drugs, Goatswood, Pencil Molestation, The Crunch (and the coming to it), Trevor, repeated drugs references, Outrage, vicious pen movement, HUMPS, Hot Fuzz, “I’m going to need some crack”, letting agents, and peril

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