End Of The World – An Apocopalypse in Yellow (Redux) – Session 1

Episode 168

TRIGGER WARNING – This is a story of horror and danger in a world very very similar to our own. If that sort of thing would bother you, maybe try one of the other games instead! Please note This is ALL A WORK OF FICTION! We aren’t suggesting having a apocalyptic baby metal concert!

We finally return to End of the World and attempt another play through of An Apocalypse In Yellow which we last attempted back in episode 98 (Here).

This time we have Hardwick and Archive stepping in as the victims of this particular apocalypse as they try and work out whether its ok to stay in Mawdrigen’s house while he’s not there, what tea they are going to have while they wait, and why why WHY the Decor has changed.

Of course it doesn’t stay like that as a Baby Metal gig by the Hell Newt Yogis goes drastically off the rails riots begin and helicopters keep crashing, they obviously need to get out of there.

So to the Promised Land!


Wait what?

Todays Route:

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The Music is Dark Fog by by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Peril, Baby Metal, Dance of the Monkey, having to use the Gandalf Mug, We realise that in the Apocalypse Hardwick and Archive would just sit quietly and uncomfortably, Sudden Random Sound Effects, A4 I think A33, “Ok Everyone has gone a bit funny, I think it’s the Apocalypse”, Archive calmly discussing how to destroy Reading…, and The Scooter Gang!

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